Electronic archive Folium

Folium – solution to organize and structure the digitized archival documents, to make a quickly search and organize simultaneous operation irrespective of territorial remoteness of the users.

The versatility of the system is ensured by its modular architecture, making it easy to expand the functionality of the product.


System Benefits:

  • Web-oriented
  • DBMS (Database Management System) latitude used
  • Cross-platform
  • High-speed performance


About System: 

– Increased security is implemented through isolated and separated user and administrator interfaces

– Universal format for interaction with external sources of information (import, export)

– Use of server memory to speed up data

– Hi-end encryption system to enhance the security of information storage

– Universal format for structured data storage with the ability to re-use

– Autonomous system for data backup with the possibility of a remote placement or automatic mailing service

– Multi-level storage system to improve scalability and system performance

– Four-level system of user access management to the resources base

– Module that allows the access to the system for unregistered users with flexible admission rights

– Built-in tools for creation of the corporate portal


Access to the demo version