“Digital Country” is working to provide modern information services.

We specialize in the documents digitizing and indexing, an electronic resources creation.


What we do


Documents scanning:

  • analyzing the documents and chose parameters for scanning;
  • processing of the scan copies;
  • converting the scan copies to the required format;
  • transferring the documents to the any convenient media.

Data indexing:

  • assigning the criteria to the documents to fast finding information;
  • organizing documents;
  • creation of the samples for the search.

Wide-format scanning:

  • drawing, charts, maps;
  • technical, project documentation;
  • engineering plans, schemes on any types of the materials.

3D photo:

  • Create 360° panoramic that provide the ability to rotate the object in different directions, viewing from all sides, including the top and bottom;
  • Developing virtual 3D tours.

Electronic archive: 

  • database evaluation;
  • pilot projects implementation;
  • the electronic archive system implementation.

Archival processing:

  • archive examination;
  • documents arranging;
  • description creation;
  • documents stitching.

Scanning centers:

  • selecting the optimal model of the scanner, depending on the funds’ features;
  • the technical support providing;
  • specialists training;
  • instructions developing.